Our Heritage


We are delighted that our congregation includes seekers, new believers, and persons with roots in other faith traditions... alongside those carried in the door as infants. The majority of our members were not part of CMC ten years ago. We are enriched by the insights each person brings to our walk of faith.

Our congregational history includes building strong families, planting numerous churches, sending mission workers around the world, and starting relevant ministries. Local ministries with roots in this congregation (along with others) include a Christian School, Tel Hai Camp, Retirement Community, and Re Uzit Shop.


More recently our ministries have expanded to hosting a home school group, Still Waters (no-cost) Counseling Ministry, and the Twin Valley Food Pantry. From children to adults, we seek to train and prepare individuals to live the story of Jesus in word and deed.

Our congregation was organized in 1760. We have a rich heritage! Our spiritual roots run deep in the Anabaptist stream of faith flowing from the sixteenth century Reformation. Previous generations lived and died for their faith as an historic peace church emphasizing Christ’s teachings and example of love, outreach, and non-violence.

Although religious tradition does not define us, we embrace the first commandment with promise by honoring our faith tradition "fathers and mothers” (Exodus 20:12) not so much in their cultural distinctives, but more in their spiritual values of living in joyful obedience to the teachings of Christ.


Who We Are

CMC is a fellowship of believers growing in faith through:

  • Bible study and prayer
  • Sharing God's love and truth with others
  • Meeting together to praise and worship
  • Praying for and encouraging each other
  • Benefiting others by helping

Mission Statement

God calls us to know and follow Christ as we live HiStory together, joyfully inviting the Holy Spirit to flow thru us, offering healing and hope to benefit others.


Our Purpose and Guiding Values


We purpose to listen attentively to Christ’s call and to joyfully live His story together so God’s Holy Spirit empowers us to educate dynamically, fellowship wholesomely, steward actively, shepherd lovingly, witness faithfully, and worship responsively!




Our CMC Priorities

  • Joyfully Following Jesus
  • Generously Extending Grace
  • Creatively Impacting Culture


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