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“As you enter the home, give it your greeting. If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it. If it is not deserving, let your peace return to you” Matt. 10:12-13

With these words Christ sends his disciples out in teams for local mission. He tells them to invest where listeners are responsive.

The primary form of mission to which God is calling our generation is similar to this “Go to your community” commissioning. A century ago His primary commission was “Go to the ends of the earth” from Matthew 28. The few called went. The many supported.

Obviously Christ is still calling some to foreign mission; and they deserve support, as is reflected in our budget! But His primary call to our generation is for each one of us to recognize our 24/7 life as context for mission.

I am grateful our ministries increasingly reflect this reality thru relevance to God's mission priorities within our local communities.

Every week persons enter CMC doors for no cost counseling from Still Waters Ministry. In Jesus name they receive deep listening and godly counsel. Testimony increases of lives saved, literally; consistently.

Each month testimony, scriptures, witness and prayer are offered to our Twin Valley Food Pantry recipients. Mission unfolds. Lives are impacted. Jesus is honored. His name is lifted up and glorified in word and deed.

These ministries, and others that flow from our Ministry Center in partnership with our community are how Jesus is primarily doing mission in this generation. Do we have the eyes to see that when we support our CMC budget we support both ministry and mission? When our Treasurer pays facility bills do we recognize we are supporting mission?

Are our ears open to hear God’s present mission priorities such that when we designate dollars to Twin Valley Food pantry and Still Waters Ministry we recognize it as mission?

Through our CMC ministries the peace of God is entering many many local homes. When “the peace” we extend is received may we embrace such as the mission to which Christ has commissioned us!!

Joyfully Living HiStory Together with You:
Pastor Bob Petersheim

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